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About Karen...

I donít just like clay, I love it!

Even in my dreams I am making.

My working life consists of three parts: Firstly my personal work, where I bring my love of the material and process and skills of ceramics together with the narrative of my experiences. I am an Irish Artist living in rural Gloucestershire for over 20 years. I am constantly engaged with my interest in the interaction of the live relationships around me, be that human animal or insect.

Charcoal is my two dimensional companion as it has similar properties of movement on the page allowing a relationship of flexibility on the paper.

Secondly, I love problem solving. I enjoy working to a brief, which is why I embrace the commissioning process. I work with Architects, among others and find the collaborative process interesting and fulfilling.

Thirdly, I would not have the skills and love of materials and process if it were not for the generosity of others along the way that have shared these with me. I in turn feel a desire to share, encourage and enable others to find their own way forward.

& her awards

On View was the national winner of the business and economy category at the Market Town awards 2009

...and a finalist in the 'Best outdoor space' catagory of the national Brick Development Awards 2009 and 2010. Awards pending.