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Farms for City Children

Creating a Sculpture

Heather Tarplee, the farm school manager at Wick Court Farms for City Children, commissioned Karen Hilliard to work with visiting schools to create a piece of sculpture to be situated in the Garden. The project was supported by sponsorship by Ibstock Brick Ltd and Moreton C Cullimore & Son Ltd.

This sculpture, 'Isabella Ibstock Wick' was devised following creative workshops with visiting schools at Wick Court. The Children worked with Karen using clay to model the Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs in the fields, they also considered the needs and desires of the users of the space. Following this Karen created a maquette to demonstrate the final design. The Pigs were an ideal subject to work from as their form is very interesting and fluid. The breed originates from the area and has a history on the farm.

Hilliard outlined the need for the sculpture to work on several levels. This piece functions as a sculpture in its own right, however through its design, allows it to be used as informal seating. By its placement , can be used akin to a talking circle by staff and students. The children use it in all kinds of ways, it is robust enough to facilitate this !

The children really engaged with the whole concept, they had great ideas and were full of enthusiasm. This sculpture was opened by Princess Anne on the 11th May 2009

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