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21 February 2009...
They prepared four shops, developing gallery spaces in the windows by painting the existing surfaces white and creating a screen with eight foot MDF boards to hang work on.

There is opportunity for all in this process, where artists have a high St to show, sell and promote their work. Landlords improve their frontages, show the potential of their shops and the interest in prospective lettings is increased. These temporary 'On View' galleries are a contribution to the community ,with two of these units withdrawing from the project returning to viable business and one sold..showing real regeneration.

The town council sees a return in tax and business rates more quickly. The existing traders in the street are positive about this initiative as they have a better presented arena bringing more foot fall to the area. Landlords need very little convincing as the project is run professionally. For them it is only positive.

Hilliard and Martin keen are keen for their idea to be rolled out across the UK as a way of fighting decline and apathy creating opportunity from these current economic difficulties. The core to their success has been determination, creative thinking and finding solutions.

25 Silver street - after

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