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21 February 2009...
. In the summer of 2007 Artist Karen Hilliard and Jon Martin, Town Councillor decided to work together to create temporary galleries in vacant shops.

The area in mind was an approach road to the centre of the town, which had several empty and run-down shops. On closer inspection, there was little value in using the shops as they were. The windows were rotten and in desperate need of renovation so they needed to find a way of making this happen.

It was important to create an appropriate space that presented artists' work respectfully and professionally. Hilliard set up a meeting with Dursley's Town Centre manager, Vicky Hancock to explore her role and how she could help. Links with landlords were made and funding from the regeneration budget at Stroud district council was made available to renovate the exteriors, costing on average 700 - 1000 each.

The duo put together a palette of colours to be offered to landlords and to encourage other business in the town to use. This was designed to give a sense of quality and to harmonise the visual quality of the town. Martin sourced funding for materials to create the spaces within the windows from the Town Council.
25 Silver street - before

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