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21 February 2009...
The Arts Council are increasing grants from 52 to 54 million in 2009/10 and to 56 million in 2010/11. They will provide support through the Town Centres Initiative, setting aside 500,000 of their Lottery income as a fund to which artists can apply for grants to help them carry out artistic activities in empty shops made available to them through the scheme. They hope these smaller grants (1,000 to 10,000) will help individual artists do even more to help reinvigorate town centres. The national statistics tell us that in our towns and cities, one in six shops will empty by the end of year one of the recession. This is alarming and may not end there.

As an artist, Hilliard has has found it a very interesting process. Now art is part of the process of daily life and many people have never been exposed to art in this way, having never stepped foot in a gallery. Of significance is the fact that Art is in the public domain. It is promoting investigation, opportunities and interest across the community. Artists need an arena to show and sell work against the odds where galleries are closing.

This initiative facilitates the dialogue between artist and space. Hilliard hopes to realise funding to invite artists to create works in direct response to the space Artists need to be proactive and make opportunities for ourselves and each other.

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